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The Association Home for the orphans running, semi-orphans and poor children at Ongole and deserved by imparting quality education and free, boarding and lodging medicines and medical aid with compassionate care. It `s main goal is to create a new generation Which was free and fair, affectionate and love to make responsible and duty-minded citizens. 



       The people come to the towns and the cities from the rural areas for various purpose, But they face troubles to stay there till their work is completed, some times such illiterate people are exploited by many ways, So they need shelter in towns and in city.
        In the Christ love and Name we the Peoples welfare  Association long to accept them in Jesus love in to the strangers lodgings no commercial values. non-profit activity on service motivation 

The Naked

We trace the people those who are under below the poverty line, and on finding such naked ones, The PWA is happy to give them coverings of new clothes and dresses to all age groups.


The PWA visits the general hospitals where the poor are treated and it gives help to such poor sick people in all pwa conducts medical camps with specialist doctors of all departiments


Time to time the PWA arranges the qualified persons to visit the imprisoned people and present them with the goodness of the Lord Jesus  Christ and pray for them to realize themselves so that they can lead normal peaceful life in the world